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Leaving Costa Rica

By admin

DSC01265The difficult “good-bye” to Micaiah’s dear Kathia

It is incredibly hard to believe that our time here is at its end.  This is officially our last day in Costa Rica.  It almost doesn’t even feel real that we are leaving, but tomorrow, we will depart very early in the morning for Texas.  It takes me quite a while to process things, so I am thankful that we have a bit of time in Texas for reflection and thanksgiving to the Lord for all that He has done.

We have met so many amazing people while we were here!  We have heard so many incredible testimonies and seen the Lord at work in so many lives.  After Costa Rica, our new friends will be going all over Latin America.  We don’t know if we will see any of them again this side of eternity but are so thankful that we have had this special time.

DSC00976Brian’s language class

DSC01177Carson’s mejor amigo

DSC00864Micaiah’s mejor amigo

DSC01262Our dear friend from South Korea

DSC01150Micaiah’s girls

So much has happened since our last post…so sorry that we have not updated in so long.  But we are expecting our third child!!! I am about 4 and a half months, and it is a girl!!!  The kids are super excited to have a little sister on the way.  This was quite the surprise, but we feel so blessed. I have been really, really sick as usual, but the Lord has enabled me to graduate from the school…Brian, too.

DSC01251The graduates!

We feel that God has grown all of us in so many ways.  Carson really made good friends and enjoyed his time here greatly.  On the last day of school, Friday, he cried and cried as he had to say goodbye to his friends and teachers.  We praised the Lord because he was so hesitant to come here after our difficult time in Oaxaca last summer.  He has matured greatly, and is a sweet little boy.  I look forward to homeschooling him again in the Spring.

Micaiah also has truly matured.  She went from crying and vomiting every day in her little class to absolutely loving it.  She made a really special bond with her teacher Kathia.  It was heart wrenching the final day to see Kathia balling and crying when she knew it was time for us to leave.  It left us all crying because of how she loves Micaiah.  Our little girl can understand and speak Spanish now…probably much better that her Mommy!

DSC00938Micaiah’s teacher

As I mentioned earlier, we graduated from language school…it’s official!  Now don’t be fooled, we are far from fluent, be we can understand and hopefully be understood which was our goal.  From now on, we will be learning and practicing.  We are so thankful for the wonderful foundation that we have now from the school!  If anyone is thinking about attending a Spanish language school, we highly recommend this place.  The administration and teachers are so special.  We have made relationships with many of the Ticos here.

DSC01114Carson and a friend taking a break from soccer

Well, there will be much more to come as we reflect and share more, but I had to write one last post from Costa Rica!  Thank all of you for your support and prayers.  We love each of you and can’t wait to see so many of you when we get back.  We are excited about the next step…praise the Lord for His goodness and mercy towards his children!

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Can’t wait to see you in a few days! Welcome home!


Hey Guys!

We hope you are doing well! We just got back to C.R. on Thursday night and are trying to settle back into life here. It won’t be the same without you! God bless you and talk to you soon!

Timothy and Jessie


Hey Jill & Brian!!!

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I love God’s surprises :) We’ll have to chat soon — I’d love to hear more about your language school and Costa Rica. I just regret that we didn’t make it down there to visit while you were there. Love you and your sweet family.

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This April we will move to Costa Rica to attend language school. The kids will be enrolled in school there also. Please pray for our transition to Costa Rica and the ability to learn Spanish quickly. We will keep everyone updated via this blog. The Minnix Family

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