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Only one week left of our first trimester!

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The sunsets are amazing here with the mountains in the back drop!

It is hard to believe that we are nearing the completion of our first trimester here!  Time has really flown by.  I remember laying in bed the night before we left for Costa Rica and wondering what life would look like here…How would Carson do in a classroom setting after home schooling last year?  How would our baby, Micaiah, do in her own little Spanish class after never being away from her Mama?  How would Brian and I do in our classes?  What would life look like in Costa Rica?  Where would we live?  Would we have friends?  Can we make it without a car?  So many questions, so many prayers…and God has abundantly provided for us and answered all of them!  As usual, He is always faithful and true to His words and His children.  This first trimester has certainly held many trials, but that is where our faith has been strengthened and proven.

I know that we came here to learn Spanish, but the Lord has had so many other things in mind for us here to grow us and stretch us and” love on” us.  One of the most amazing thing to witness has been the maturing of our children.  They really have adjusted so well…better than we ever could have imagined.  Micaiah loves her class and loves her little friends.  She is such a big girl now.


Carson has also matured greatly.  We have about a mile walk to school in the morning and back in the afternoon, but he doesn’t complain much.  He also has really enjoyed his summer camp, and says he doesn’t speak Spanish…but we have heard him talking to people when he thinks we aren’t listening…little toot!  He has made many good friends and fortunately, many of them are staying another semester.


Carson and his two friends are the only boys in their class.  One is American and the other is a “tico.”


Carson’s class


A birthday bash


Look out!

We have met so many amazing people and heard incredible testimonies.  Some of our dear friends are leaving in one week to move onto the next step in their adventure with the Lord.


We love this family!  They are from New York and are returning there to help with Spanish speaking churches.  We have learned so much from them and their example of showing the love of Jesus wherever they are.


Our dear friends who are leaving for Peru!


This is our sweet Korean friend who will also be returning to Peru in April.  She has been in all of our classes.  We love she and her husband dearly.  They speak no English, so we are amazed at their perseverance in learning a TOTALLY different language!


And this sweet lady is a dear friend.  Poor thing, she is in all our classes too.  We have enjoyed getting to know she and her husband who will be going to Nicaragua in April.

It is overwhelming and exciting to know they are finishing this “season” and stepping into the next.  During our last chapel service, we were praying for some of the families who were leaving.  I thought of the verse that says,”who is sufficient for such things?”  And really, who is ready?  Who is adequate?  And the Lord answers,  “Christ in you, the hope of glory!”  It is indeed a mystery how the Lord uses earthen vessels to accomplish His purposes and establish His kingdom in the earth.  It is like Moses who initially knew that he was to deliver the Israelites from the hands of the Egyptians.  He struck down an Egyptian man in his flesh and his power and assumed that this was the time and way for deliverance…God had to strip this learned and powerful man down in the backside of the desert.  He had to “undo” Moses.  For 40 years he tended sheep and was humbled.  Now he was ready.  When he turned aside to see the burning bush, He encountered God Almighty, and when God said, go deliver my people, this time Moses knew he was not capable.  This is a man now ready for God to use.  Scripture says Moses was the most humble man on the earth, and so God could do amazing things through him.  We see later on in scripture that when God said He would send an angel with Moses but He, himself would not go with the Israelites , Moses pleaded with God.  His cry was, “Lord I will go nowhere without you with me.”  This confession shows our readiness to “minister.”  It is our union with Jesus.  None of us are qualified or fit for anything unless it is Christ at work in and through us!  To Him be the glory in the church!

We are looking forward to the upcoming visit to Texas and then onto KC to meet our new, little niece!  God is so good!  I have longed to see and hold my sister’s children!


God is good!

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