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Finally an Update.

By admin

IMG_1476Car and Kaya enjoying movie night.

Hello All!  It has been quite some time since our last post, and we do apologize for the delay!  So much has happened, and we feel that we are finally emerging out of a fog.  My dear grandfather did pass away, and we did make a trip back to the States for the services.  The Lord showed His unending grace and mercy because my grandfather accepted Jesus in the last days of his 93 years on earth!

10012003-005Car and his Paw Paw almost six years ago.

img_0645A recent photo of Kaya and Paw Paw.

We stayed almost a week and upon our return, I discovered that I have mononucleosis.  Praise God it is a mild case because I can still function, but the doctor said that it could be August or later before I feel better.

IMG_1444Flight to Texas

In and over all of these things, God is faithful and good.  He gives us each day our daily bread.  School is going really well!  Brian and I love our classes and teachers.  We have already learned so much, but as with spiritual growth, the more you know, the more you realize you don’t know!  The kids are doing great!  Carson is really doing well in his class.  He has a wonderful teacher, and is in a class with Ticos (Costaricans) and other missionary kids.  We are so thankful that God has given him a good attitude through all of the transitions.  Micaiah is doing well also.  She had a very hard time initially, but she is adjusting.  She has fun in her class and is saying many things in Spanish.  She told me her favorite friend in her class was Pee Pee.  I thought, who on earth is Pee Pee?  Finally, one day as we were going to school, Micaiah shouts, “There’s Pee Pee Momma.  There she is!”  I asked the daddy of Pee Pee what her name was.  It was not Pee Pee.  Come to find out, Micaiah’s teacher said that the precious little girl says “I Pee Pee!  I Pee Pee!” quite often, hence Micaiah’s best friend here is Pee Pee.

IMG_1501Kaya with her “packpack” ready for school.

IMG_1423Car at another park.

I was really struggling with the trials and recent “mono” diagnosis as well as empathizing with others who are experiencing difficulties, when I felt like God said, “I am not withholding healing from you or my other children.  I am desiring to give you something greater than you perceive “healing” to be. I am going to give you the grace to endure and overcome this.”  Some days are difficult, but I am learning the true meaning of “one day at a time.” Give us this day our daily bread.  I have found new meaning to a simple, precious truth!

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Jill-I am so sorry to hear that your grandfather passed away, but I was excited to hear that he accepted Christ before he did. There is SO much comfort in knowing that.
I had to laugh out loud about Kaya and her “PeePee” friend. Hilarious!!!
…and mononucleosis! Jill, I know that must be difficult juggling school, family and sickness. I will pray that you are able to rest some each day and that you get to feeling better soon!
I am praying for you guys and was so glad to hear an update!


Hi, Minnixes! Thanks for the update! We think of you guys often. Praying too. Hugs, G and D

Stephanie Saunders
June 28th, 2009 at %I:%M %p

Jill, been thinking about you and your family, glad you updated. The children look well, one day at a time is not so bad sometimes… take it from one very tired soul (we are due in August), this to shall pass. We love you guys, Steph

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