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Manuel Antonio National Park

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img_1363The beach at Manuel Antonio National Park

We just returned from Manuel Antonio which is about 3 to 4 hours from San Jose.  It is a national park with lush forests and beautiful beaches.  It was absolutely gorgeous!  We stayed at a hotel that has direct beach access but has no phone, TV, or Internet.  The kids loved it, and I think we did the impossible…we wore them out!  In the mornings, we would hike through the rain forest, and in the afternoons we would hit the beach.


We saw these guys on the way to Quepos.


Another beach in Manuel Antonio.


Just perfect


Jill and Kaya emerge from the forest.


We were able to see lots of monkeys.


Kaya had a blast looking for seashells.

img_1371Daddy and Kaya

img_1272The sun going down on Playa Espadilla.

The wildlife was amazing.  I said I would not leave until I saw a sloth.  The pressure was on…we not only saw one sloth, but 4 sloths.  They are so cute, but I hear they can be quite grumpy.  That is the only thing that stopped me from trying to hold them…that and their really long, sharp claws.  We also saw monkeys, tons of happy monkeys.  They were everywhere, and boy can those guys jump!  Big iguanas crossed our paths, and beautifully colored butterflies gently hovered over the rich landscape.  The only frightening things we saw were a swarm of the African  bees that were the big scare several years ago.


Jill’s idea of “happy monkeys”


They were everywhere


Looking for food


Monkey see… Monkey do


The reason Jill came.  The three toed sloth.


Jill and Kaya in the park


We were to cheap too pay for a tour so we just waited for the tour in front of us and stop and look up.  My plan worked to perfection.  They even let us use their spotting scope.

The beaches were breathtaking!  They attract serious surfers because of the rip tide that creates huge waves.  We had to be careful with the kids because the lifeguards have to save 5 to 10 people daily.  And of course the beach attracts all different types.  We met people from all over the world there – France, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico, the US.  The area itself was very dark.  People make a living off of selling little crafts and tourist gifts just to get by.  They seemed to have no joy and no purpose.  I am reminded that the only hope in this world is Jesus.  Without him, life is meaningless and hopeless no matter where you are or what you are doing.  All the more that we let our light shine so those who live in darkness will be drawn to Him.

Now that we are back we are buckling down to begin orientation Wednesday and start school the following week.  Please pray for the kids to adjust well…especially Micaiah since she has never been away from me.



History buffs… Read about the history of this airplane here!


A break from the beach


Carson could not wait for Kaya to wake up so he took matters into his own hands.


The ride back to San Jose.

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Wow! BEAUTIFUL pictures! I cannot believe those animal shots either!
Looks like you guys had a great time. I will pray that Carson and Micaiah’s days will be filled with fun distractions to occupy their minds while you both are in orientation/school. What will the kids be up to during that time?

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