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Our First Week

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One week has passed since we arrived in beautiful Costa Rica!  We have settled in rather nicely and have begun to find our way around.  The kids really like it because we walk everywhere and there are kids parks on the way to every destination.  We have found grocery stores, restaurants, museums, and new friends.

Pizza PlaceMicaiah enjoying a local pizza restaurant.

Kids with a new friend A new friend.

We have met many different missionaries here from China, New York, Alabama, Pennsylvania, and you guessed it Bryan, Texas.  They will be leaving here for Ecuador, Chile, Honduras, El Salvador, and NYC.  It is really encouraging to see God’s plans being carried out.  “You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you shall be my witnesses starting in Jerusalem, Judea, in Samaria and to the ends of the earth.”

A sweet woman from Hong Kong came over last night and reminded us of the importance of prayer.  She moved to Costa Rica years ago to be a missionary here.  She speaks Chinese, Spanish, and is learning English.  She is very sweet and wants to be prayer partners.  She shared many stories about bringing people to the Lord here and warned that it can be dangerous.  I don’t know if I have been ignorant or just really trust the Lord.  The Lord assured me that “He who is in me is greater than He who is in the world.”  The Lord will protect us so that we can fulfill His purpose wherever we are.  When our day is up, He will take us.  He holds the keys to Hades and Death.  Until that day, nothing can take us before He says, unless we remove ourselves from His protection.  That is very comforting in the day we live in!

Costa Rica actually chose to disassemble their army and put money into building up their children.   They have a fantastic children’s museum that would take hours to tour.  The kids really enjoyed it as they have old trains, helicopters, planes, and fire engines that you can enter.  We would love to go back!

Museo de Ninos

MilkingThis went real well until Carson learned he could squirt his little sister!

Micaiahs TurnMicaiah thought this was the best thing ever.

CopterWhat a great place for kids!


Train ConducterTrain operator

FirewomanReady to squirt Carson. Payback!

Fire truckCarson with a fire truck from El Paso, Texas

CockpitCarson was able to go in the cockpit and take the controls.

Cannon Overlooking San JoseOverlooking San Jose

San JosePark in downtown San Jose


Carson with firepower Carson at the Costa Rica National Museum

Also, something funny…most people do not have hot water heaters because they are very expensive, but they do have these little devises on the shower heads.  When you turn the water on in the shower, you hear this little clicking noise, and warm water will trickle out.  I did not know how to work these little things, and I asked Brian what they were.  He said they call them “widow makers.”  That’s comforting isn’t it?  There are these electric wires hanging over the shower head.  Everyone assures us they are perfectly safe…well, we do have warm water to shower in.  I told Brian we are going to call them something else.  I do not want that contraption to live up to its name.

img_1258Widow Maker

Tomorrow we plan to visit the Pacific side of the country where there are beautiful beaches, rain forests, and fun, wild animals!  We wanted to be able to do this before school starts and things get really busy.  It sounds like it will be quite an adventure!

manuel-antonio-1Manuel Antonio National Park

Again, we miss everyone and thank you for your prayers and love!

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So gald that you have already made from friends who are in similar situations as yourselves. I love the verse that you quoted, “He who is in me is greater than he who is in the world.” He is and will take great care of your family.
I am keeping you in my prayers and look forward to many updates ahead.

P.S. Love hearing about all of your adventures so far! :) That Micaiah milking the cow is too cute!

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