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Coffee Table 1 – Micaiah 0

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All kids get bumps and bruises from time to time, but ours seem to get black eyes and stitches!  Here is the latest.  Kaya decided she would try to play catch with a bouncing ball.  To her credit, she kept her eye on the ball up until the point she crashed into the table.  I will never understand why these things happen when I go out of town.  Usually I am in Mexico when Jill calls to tell me one of the kids hurt themselves.  Note to spouses:  please do not call your husband when he is out of the country and say  something like this “Brian, Carson needs stitches, and I am taking him to the ER” and then hang up with no further details.


There is never a dull moment in the Minnix household.  I guess it is God’s grace that I am never around when the kids get hurt.  I can’t stand to see my precious children in pain.   So a thank you is in order to my awesome bride who endures that which I can’t stomach!

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Minnix Family Future Plans

This April we will move to Costa Rica to attend language school. The kids will be enrolled in school there also. Please pray for our transition to Costa Rica and the ability to learn Spanish quickly. We will keep everyone updated via this blog. The Minnix Family

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