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We Made It!

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img_1110Our New Home!

We are here!  We made it with all 14 bags.  We really feel that the Lord has been gracious to us every step of the way.  It was very difficult to say goodbye to my parents on Wednesday.  Micaiah, who is two, waved her hand over my mom and said, “God is watching over you.”  Then she turned to my dad and said, “God is watching over you.”  Then she looked at her bubba and said the same.  She finally did the same to her dadda and me. It was so cute!  I really felt that the Lord was bringing us all comfort through little Kaya!

On Thursday, we awoke early to go to the airport.  We did not know how we would get all of the bags and kids up to the check-in, but there was a dear man who loaded all the bags which totaled over 800 pounds and pushed them all the way to check them in.  We were “over” on every single bag, but the night before Brian had upgraded us to first-class on the leg from San Antonio to Houston for a small fee which enabled us to have 70 pounds per bag instead of 50.  We would have paid an arm and a leg for that!

We arrived in San Jose and our big brother was waiting for us to take us to our new house.  He is so kind and had even gone to the store to get us some food for the first couple of days.  We love our little house.  It is perfect for us!  It has three small bedrooms…the kids are even sleeping in their own room!  In the front yard is a beautiful avocado tree, and in the backyard is a mango tree…my two favorites!  Across the street is a park for the kids to play.  They love it!  They are really adjusting well.  Praise the Lord!

img_1111Park Right In Front Of Our House!

img_1106How Convenient

img_1112View From The Park

img_1109Mango Tree In Our Back Yard

img_1107Avocado Tree In Our Front Yard

We have met really nice families from all over the world.  Everyone has been really nice and super helpful.  We have been taken around and shown markets, restaurants, parks, and stores.  The weather is really nice.  It is very cool in morning and evenings and sunny during the day.  The local people are sweet, and we can see the mountains surrounding the city.

There is also a really nice park with ducks and fish that the kids like.  It is called parque chino and was donated by San Jose’s sister city in Japan.

img_1104Parque Chino

img_1100Carson At Parque Chino

A really nice family from New York took us to a market where local farmers bring their fresh vegetables, fruit, eggs, coffee beans, etc.  There was some unidentifiable produce there, but we always like to try new things.  This is where we saw many of the other missionary families shopping for their weekly supply of produce.  Carson and Micaiah have already made some neat friends.

img_1103Kaya At The Park With Her Stroller Full Of Fruit And Vegetables

img_1105While we were at the park I busted Jill across the street with a cup of coffee in both hands.  She had gone an entire day without a cup.

The days have been exhausting, but it has all been worth it.

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Adios queridos amigos!

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The day has finally come!  After months of anticipation, this is the eve of our departure!  The bags are packed, well almost packed.  We are as prepared as we can be.  I truly feel that we are in the hands of our Lord.  There is no better place and no greater peace than following the Lamb wherever He goes.  There are many unknowns, but we know Him.  I am learning that the extent to which we have trusted the Lord, is the extent that we really know Him.  If we have trusted him little, we know a little of Him.  Those who have trusted Him greatly, know Him greatly.  Oh, that we might cast all that we are and everything we have upon Him and see Him as He truly is!

There are so many dear friends and family who we will miss dearly.  We are truly blessed by each of you.  We are humbled that you think of us and pray for us because we desperately need it!

Our next post will actually be from Costa Rica.  Hasta luego!

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Minnix Family Future Plans

This April we will move to Costa Rica to attend language school. The kids will be enrolled in school there also. Please pray for our transition to Costa Rica and the ability to learn Spanish quickly. We will keep everyone updated via this blog. The Minnix Family

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