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A Look Back- Veracruz

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We wanted to take a look back at some of our adventures in Veracruz.  We are very thankful for all of the friendships that were made while we were there.  Here are a few pictures!

Here is a photo of Carson’s art school in downtown Veracruz.


Our budding artist…


While Carson attended art class, we would go every morning to Gran Cafe de la Parroquia for their famous coffee.


Micaiah and Dad enjoying breakfast at Gran Cafe.


A trip to La Antigua to see Cortez’s house built in 1519.


Our favorite thing to do.  The beach was a three minute drive from our apartment.


It was not all fun and games.  Here Jill hides from the camera during our daily Spanish class with our friend and teacher Geran.


A sad reality for the poor of Mexico.  Here a man dives into sewer water to catch coins off the bottom of the ocean floor that the tourist throw in.


A picture of the church we attended in Veracruz.  We miss the people greatly!


Next Post:  A Look Back- Oaxaca

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Costa Rica

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savegre_costa_rica2 Last summer we packed up the car and headed to Veracruz, Mexico to experience all of the ups and downs of living in a foreign country.  We had a wonderful time in Veracruz as well as in Oaxaca (at least most of the time).  I can’t begin to explain in this post all that God taught us in those three months.  That trip left us knocked out from all that we experienced.  To be honest, it took a little while before we even could think about leaving again.  It’s funny how as time goes on you slowly forget the hard times and begin to feel God’s calling to do it all again.  Fast forward to this past October.  Jill and I came to the realization that if we were ever going to be fluent in Spanish we would need to go to a language school to learn in a formal setting. After much searching, we found a school that seemed promising in Costa Rica.  We began to pray and research the school since we knew nothing about it other than what we learned from their website.  In the mean time, I took another trip to Allende, Mexico to turn in our expiring car permit.  I stopped by to see Dr. Ruben Juarez with Bienestar Para Las Naciones for an overnight visit.  Guess what the first words to come out of his mouth?  That’s right!  He said, “Brian, I want your family to go to a language school in Costa Rica for one year to learn Spanish”.   I was blown away and completely not expecting to hear that.  He then asked after a series of meetings if after language school we would join him in Mexico to work with Bienestar Para Las Naciones and assist him in church planting.   I think by now you know what we told him.

In the next couple of months we would like to use this blog to look back on our time in Veracruz and for our up and coming move to Costa Rica.

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Minnix Family Future Plans

This April we will move to Costa Rica to attend language school. The kids will be enrolled in school there also. Please pray for our transition to Costa Rica and the ability to learn Spanish quickly. We will keep everyone updated via this blog. The Minnix Family

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